What to do in Playa de Palma


Playa de Palma

In Playa de Palma, you can have fun, relax on the stunning sandy beach and enjoy unique nights out in the bars and clubs. Discover the secrets of one of the best beaches in Mallorca at our hotel HM Gran Fiesta.

Playa de Palma

Enjoy a refreshing swim, try your hand at water sports, take long walks by the sea or simply relax on the sand of the beach where you always imagined you would spend your holidays, in Playa de Palma.

Seafront Promenade

Discover the city’s best bars, restaurants and shops as you stroll along Palma de Mallorca’s seafront promenade.

Cala Blava

Crystal-clear and refreshing waters await you in an intimate and incredible setting that you will never want to leave.

Street Market

Between May and October, take the opportunity to visit the Mercadillo de las Maravillas and enjoy a moonlit stroll through the streets of Playa de Palma. You’ll find surprises at every stop along the way.


The best atmosphere and music by the Mediterranean. Visit Palma’s bars and nightclubs and find your favourite place in the city for a drink.

Palma Aquarium

The amazing and infinite marine flora and fauna of the world is at your fingertips at Palma Aquarium, very close to our hotel HM Gran Fiesta, where you can discover the secrets of the sea bed.


Palma is one of the most famous and admired cities in the world. Enjoy the streets, shops and history through the architecture and perfect location on the island.

Cycling Tourism

Discover the pleasure of visiting the island of Mallorca and enjoy every inch of the terrain while exercising. All you need is a bike and a little bit of enthusiasm. At the hotel, we have a bicycle garage (additional charge) where you can conveniently park your bike.

Water Sports

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the life of the Mediterranean seabed with your own eyes, an incomparable experience that you can enjoy while snorkelling in Playa de Palma.

Golf Club

The island of Mallorca has some of the best golf courses in the world. Spend a different afternoon in good company, with breathtaking views, practising this wonderful sport.

Beach Volleyball

Natural surroundings, sport and good weather come together in Playa de Palma to offer you the most entertaining afternoons. Enjoy a game of beach volleyball with your friends like never before.


Hiking offers endless possibilities to discover Mallorca in all its splendour. Explore the island’s incredible natural landscapes of sea and mountain.