We help plan your wedding on Isla Holbox


Your most special day

If your dream is to get married on a beach in a stunning location, don’t hesitate to contact us. At Villas HM Paraíso del Mar we help you plan your Caribbean wedding, both if you want a Maya, mystical or symbolic ceremony or if you want a Catholic wedding. You also have a choice of 10 menus from which to choose your wedding banquet. Enjoy the highest level of comfort during the party and while planning the details.

At Villas HM Paraíso del Mar we have extensive experience planning weddings from beginning to end. Together we will make your special day have the best of celebrations.


Mayan Wedding

Celebrate a ceremony in a traditional style, with a shaman who will manage the marriage in Maya language. Some of the elements that are part of this ceremony are the musical instruments, the sacred drink of balché and a wreath for the sea.

This traditional Mayan ceremony with prayers and blessings lasts approximately half an hour and can be done everyday upon request and confirmation. This spiritual ceremony has no legal effect and no legal requirement to celebrate it is needed.

Mistic Wedding

Mysticism or Native wedding is a ceremony with one aim:join fates with relatives participation. The couple will be received by a shaman and during the ceremony the couple will be covered with a blanket and tie will be made around them with seven slats of the seven rainbow colors.

In this 30-45 minute ceremony the couple can bring the blanket for the ceremony. It is available every day, scheduling it in advance, and has no legal effect.

Simbola Wedding

The intention or symbolic ceremony wedding is a space for attaching a partner with the blessings of the Creator of the universe and the earth mother. In this ceremony an offering is made to the main guardian of Holbox Island, the sea, with drugs such as snuff and incense and candles, flowers and fruits.

Catholic wedding

Catholic weddings in Holbox are celebrated on Saturday afternoon before the 20h Mass in the church of the island. To confirm a wedding, you have to contact the father Alfonso Granados on the phone 987 100 33 27 and submit a letter to transfer the parish.

The price of the ceremony is 2000 pesos and the waiting list is for one month. The decoration of the church is in charge of the couple, although from the hotel we offer the necessary support and assistance. Fresh flowers have an additional cost, since are brought from Cancun.

Our menus

Menu 1

From: 55$

If you’re going to celebrate your wedding in the Caribbean, you can choose from different menu options. This affordable menu has three starters, a meat or fish and a home-made dessert to celebrate one of the most special days of your life.

Menu 2

From: 71$

Enjoy an unforgettable day celebrating your wedding at the Villas HM Paraiso del Mar hotel and choose one of our menus, like Menu 2 with two exquisite starters, one braised meat or fish fillet with orange and a home-made dessert.

Menu 3

From: 88$

Turn every moment and every detail of your wedding unique and unforgettable celebrating it in HM Villas Paraiso del Mar and choose one of our menus. The menu 3 features two starters, meat, fish or seafood and home-made dessert.

Menu 4

From: 79$

A good way to enjoy the best products in Mexico and live a unique and original wedding in Villas HM Paraiso del Mar is choosing the grilled meat, with a starter, a selection of meats and a home-made dessert.

Menu 5

From: 89$

Try the authentic taste of the Caribbean sea and share it with your guests and your loved ones the day of your wedding thanks to the grilled seafood we offer in our hotel, where also an starter and a homemade dessert are included.

Menu 6

From: 58$

A wedding in Mexico deserves a delicious Mexican buffet, as we offer if you choose the menu 6 to celebrate your nuptials. In this menu, are included some of the most representative dishes of Mexican cuisine such roasted suckling pig.

Menu 7

From: 58$

After enjoying one of the most special moments of your life in Mexico, no doubt this country will be one of the best memories of your wedding. Therefore we recommend to pay tribute to its gastronomy with this menu.

Menu 8

From: 88$

If you choose the Hotel Villas HM Paraiso del Mar to celebrate a ceremony is because you want to live an authentic Caribbean party, and for this there is nothing better than enjoying a menu in which the real protagonists is the seafood.

Menu 9

From: 89$

You, your partner and your loved ones is all you need to make your wedding unforgettable. Moreover, we offer you a variety of menus to celebrate in style, like buffet with seafood and lobster.

Menu 10

From: 55$

If you want a menu where you will find the best dishes of Mexican cuisine without meat, you just find it. In this menu we offer two starters, a salad and a filet of fish, and a homemade dessert to celebrate your marriage.

Menu 11

From: 50$

Celebrate your Caribbean wedding with any of our ceremonies and share the most special day of your life with your family and friends with a vegetarian lunch or dinner with Mennu 11 based on a selection of fresh vegetables.

Standard open bar

4 hours

To end the party enjoying the maximum with your loved ones at the Villas HM Paraiso del Mar we offer a full open bar service with a selection of quality beverages to enjoy your celebration.

Superior open bar

4 hours

For the most exquisite palates, we have a selection of premium beverages in our premium open bar, as Ron Havana Club, Jose Cuervo Tequila or Vodka Absolut. Choose one of our open bar options and celebrate your wedding as you deserve.

Superior drink corner

From: 27,50$

If you prefer to bring your own drinks at our hotel in Holbox Island, we charge for corkage. The price is $ 27.50 per person, but does not include the 16% of VAT and 15% per service.